Whatever you have written, if it is

full of errors

your credibility and professionalism are tarnished no matter what your message is.

How embarrassing.

You need a copy editor.

Book manuscripts

Blog posts



Web copy


Press releases

Marketing collateral

You need to make sure it’s the best possible quality before you send it out into the world.

You need another pair of eyes.
You need a copy editor.

Rest assured. It will be our secret.

My name is Erica Goodpaster.
I am a copy editor and proofreader.
I have been editing since 2017.
I am an
English language aficionado
who notices details and understands how writing should flow.

Let me take a look at your writing before
you release it into the world.
I will protect your credibility as a professional writer.

Copy editing

  • AKA line editing
  • Analyze structure, word choice, and clarity
  • Clean up the work without sacrificing your unique voice


  • Final stage of the editing process before publication
  • Review of grammar and punctuation