Legal Proofreading

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It’s really quite simple.  Time is money.  If you had more time, you could make more money.  Allow me to proofread your transcripts for you, so you can take more jobs.

I have been proofreading transcripts since 2017. In fact, that is how I got my start providing online services. Today I continue to offer that same service.


$0.40 per page

Transcript returned within 48-72 hours.*


$0.60 per page

Transcript returned in less than 48 hours.*


$0.80 per page

Transcripts returned in less than 24 hours.  Please check for availability.*

*Please check for availability before sending large jobs (over 200 pages) or jobs that need immediate turn around.

I would hate for you to expect something that I am unable to deliver.  Providing bad service makes me sad.