Services I Provide

  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Sales Funnel Design, Strategy, & Consulting (Clickfunnels, LeadPages, ConvertKit, Ontraport, and many more)
  • Course Launch Consultation & Management
  • Project Management (with your team or mine)
  • New Business Packages with Custom Web Design

All of my services are holistic.  They include my strategy, expertise, and abilities - not just for one aspect of your project, but for ALL aspects. I am an expert in WordPress development and design, plus marketing and social media.

Below is a more detailed description of my services.

It is ABSOLUTELY imperative you fill out an application TODAY as I have a two month waiting list.  The clients who book out ahead are so much more prepared than those who try to squeeze something in at the last minute.

Social Media Strategy & Management

I partner with your businesses to help you increase visibility on social media via organic and paid methods.

To create strategy unique to your situation I will:

  • Analyze your audience
  • Figure out who they are
  • What platforms they are on
  • What time of day they are online
  • What types of content they engage with to create
  • Implement a plan of action to maximize visibility

I also manage social media, so your brand will be well represented.

Prerequisite:  A desire to free up your time and grow your online presence.

Sales Funnel Design & Strategy

I work alongside my expert team and we produce:

  • Landing pages for opt-ins
  • The opt-ins themselves
  • Sales pages for tripwires
  • Long form copy for your signature offer
  • Email nurture sequences
  • Thank you pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Automated webinars
  • Optimized blog content

And more…

We’ll create copy designed to convert

  • We write copy that grabs keep them on the page.
  • We compliment your natural voice...and make you look good.
  • We keep you from sounding salesy...because trust comes before action.

You’ll have branded graphics

  • Gorgeous on-brand graphics for your digital marketing
  • Customized ad graphics - to grab attention
  • Beautiful sales and landing pages that don’t look cookie cutter
  • Optimized formatting - to keep those eyes on the page
  • Font and Graphics that sync with your brand - for a powerful, professional presence

Your Facebook campaigns?  We will…

  • Build ads designed to rock response
  • Place pixels to gather the intel you need to find your best prospects
  • Set up your audiences
  • Optimize your pixel placement so you can track every sweet action

Clients work with our team anywhere from 4-16 weeks.

Prerequisites:  An existing business with the content for your signature offer and tripwire offer available.  (It doesn’t have to be formatted, but it needs to be written/produced.)

Launch Consultation & Management

If you are looking to launch a product or service, new online program or course, the Launch Consultation & Management option might be what you need.

I work closely with you and your team to:

  • Create a timeline for your launch
  • Write copy
  • Plan strategy and advertising
  • Assess current systems
  • Create new opportunities for leads
  • Analyze current website and platforms
  • Design automation workflows
  • Oversee a full launch of your endeavor.  

Typically clients work with me for a approximately 12 weeks.

Prerequisites:  An existing business that is currently bringing in revenue, a willingness to outsource and/or hire team members (VAs, developers, etc, and an available ad budget.  Client must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions.

Project Management

If you are looking to hire a VA for your team (or a full team), I am available to provide strategy and consulting in terms of who you should hire and for what.  We work together in several strategy sessions, and then I oversee your team of VAs to execute your tasks.  You do not have to work with the VA directly.  You work with me as a project manager to oversee the deliverables.  Typically clients hire me for a one-time event or seasons when they need more support than normal.  If ongoing VA support is needed, I connect you to a permanent VA that you will work with directly.  

Prerequisites:  A business that is busy and profitable enough to need outsourcing, and a willingness to pay by project, rather than hourly (for the VAs).  Many of the VAs I work with are specialized in one specific area and price on deliverable.

New Business Package with Custom Website Design

This service is for people who don’t have a business yet, but want to get started on the right foot!  No wasting time and money trying to get a plan from every self-proclaimed coach or consultant out there.  We work together to get your business started RIGHT.  This includes:

  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Client acquisition strategy
  • Social media
  • Advertising

Clients typically work with me approximately 12 weeks, with a possibility of extending the contract if not all business systems are yet in place.

Prerequisites:  A willingness to hustle!


I DO NOT guarantee revenue goals.  That’s just not fair to ask of me, since I am only part of the business equation.  I will give you 1000% of my creative energy, time, and expertise.  I will help you stay on task, organized, and on point.  I have a knack for coming up with wild ideas in minutes and will help you get unstuck in your own mind about what to do next and how to proceed.  I promise I will save you a ton of money that you might have spent on “feel good” coaches that couldn’t find the dashboard of a WordPress site if it hit ‘em in the face.  I will spare you the agony of deciding what to use, what order to do things in, and the headache or managing a team.

I will treat your business as if it’s my own, and so that means I will not work with just anyone.

I have a basic application form that I require to help save you and I both time if we are not a good fit.  Because when we are, magic happens!