Meet Erica

Hi! I’m Erica

Once upon a time, I was an elementary art teacher as well as an Army wife and mom of three kids. I enjoyed my job, but everything revolved around it, including our family, and it could be stressful for all of us.

I have always been a creative problem solver, and my bachelor’s degree is in Digital Art (think photography and graphic design).

So in 2017, I quit my teaching job and started an online business providing done-for-you marketing services and never looked back.

Since then, I have found myself in the world of mompreneurs, and I have seen so many women struggle to cobble together a business.

With technological advances like Canva and ClickFunnels, it has gotten easier, but those are no substitute for human creativity.

I get it.

No one understands more than me what’s on the line if your business fails.

  • You go back to work.
  • The kids go to daycare.
  • Drive-thru meals.
  • Messy house.
  • Missed memories.
  • Mommy guilt.

This is why I genuinely WANT to help moms be successful working from home.

We moms gotta stick together.